Descrizione breve del Relais e della Tenuta

The wine resort

«Every person who comes into our life is unique. Always leaves a bit ‘of himself and takes us away a little’ us.»
(Jorge Luis Borges)

Today the old house, built by our great-grandparents in 1933, has become the centre of our Estate Tenuta Cocci Grifoni.
Completely renovated, with a self-contained solar power plant, the house offers two guest apartments, the ‘Pecorino’ and the ‘Montepulciano’, with an elevator and overlooking a small heated pool in the private courtyard that faces west toward the Messieri Vineyard.
The family home is completely integrated with the wine making cellar of Tenuta Cocci Grifoni, as both have evolved hand in hand. The residence and the estate are immersed in the quiet hills that produce our Pecorino and Rosso Piceno Superiore, within a beautiful landscape of gullies and picturesque fields. Guests can enjoy specialty wine and food tastings on our stunning Panoramic Terrace, or a walk through the vineyards in the company of one of our wine experts.
You can book both apartments to occupy the entire villa, the apartments are next to each other on the same floor. The garden and swimming pool are exclusive to our guests.

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The wine resort

Montepulciano apartment

Pecorino apartment

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Diana, our mother, and Guido, our father, are newly wed in 1963! As the years pass, our parents are married and the house number changes but our home remains the same.


Growing Up: Marilena as a young girl posing with her grandparents, Maria and Giovanni, in the garden in front of the residence.


Colour photos appear in the 1970s. Marilena and Paola, the sisters, are with their cousins, Isabella and Giandomenico, in the garden. Beautiful summer vacations were enjoyed at the estate.


In 1985, the residence evolves. The renovation is finally complete: a layer of cement over the traditional bricks and brand new blinds. Our dogs, Joghy and Gretel, wag their tails in the square.


Years pass, and after a decade, we restructure the Cocci Grifoni cellars located beside the family home. Little Marta and Camilla are pictured here in the flower garden, during the summer of 2000.


In 2004, the dwelling with Terrace and Cellar is almost complete. We see in the photo a step back in time with the small garden attached to the house.


Here we are in 2016! We have achieved our dream: welcoming friends who come from afar, to enjoy great comfort and beauty while spending some time in our land and discovering how our wine is born.