Descrizione breve del Relais e della Tenuta


«Vineyard is a ringworm and requires special care»

Our 45 hectares of vineyards are surrounded by woods and the land is cultivated in olive groves and grains. The “Mother Vines” of our autochthonous grapes, that are between 30 and 35 years old, are cultivated with Pecorino, Montepulciano and Sangiovese varieties. These are our historical vineyards: the “Messieri”, “Colle Vecchio”, “Vigneto Madre”, and “Grandi Calanchi” Vineyards and are almost entirely surrounded by canyons, ravines and woods with a gradient often greater than 30%.The vineyards are located close to inaccessible areas dominated by 100-meter-high clay cliffs. These barriers help create our special ecosystems. The environment of these fragile and complex microcosms is conducive to the repopulation of native fauna and flora and leaves ample space, both in terms of land and air, for the free passage of animals and the proliferation of insects useful for the biological cycle of the grapes.Here it is possible to do trekking along the bird trail in the areas recommended by Lipu (Italian League for Birds Protection) as biodiversity origins or simply walk, sit for a picnic and enjoy a pre-packed lunch created by the Relais.