Descrizione breve del Relais e della Tenuta


«Omnia Vincit Amor et nos cedamus amori»
(Publio Virgilio Marone, Bucolics X, 69)

The Relais is located in “The Piceno” an area located on the 43 ° parallel north, in a hilly area of the Marche region, protected and defined as “areas of significant landscape value”.

The Piceno is a world unto itself, far away from major communication routes and abounding with Renaissance villages and country homes. Many are still inhabited by the indigenous community of ancient sharecroppers, with a few lucky tourists enjoying the silence and splendor of the area. It is also the main wine growing region in Le Marche. From the hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, to the Monti Sibillini National Park, the landscape is characterized by vineyards that alternate with olive groves and small traditionally farmed land holdings.

The Panoramic Terrace of Relais overlooks this enchanting vista and has two rooms both overlooking the panoramic viewpoint with seating for about 50 in each room. One room has a large screen and PA system with kitchen service for small or big business events and weddings. Here it is always possible to taste good wine and experience the view.